Installers working on projects with low budgets may still be able to specify a true 4K HDR home cinema projector. That’s because the latest Sony projector unveiled at CEDIA is the entry-level VPL-VW285ES, and it packs everything you’d expect in a premium projector, for less than $5,000.

Buying a 4K projector is no easy business, as not all 4K projectors are created equally. Companies such as JVC, Epson and Optoma use special technologies to get more pixels, although it won’t support native 4K content. JVC and Epson achieve this by shifting pixels, while Optoma uses special processing to make up for the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Sony doesn’t want to be in the business of making pixels appear from thin air, however. Instead the company’s VPL-VW285ES is a true native 4K HDR home cinema projector, and it really will push out four times as many pixels as full HD. That’s despite it being cheaper for a manufacturer to produce than to actually support that many pixels natively.

The Bigger Picture

Installers can use the VPL-VW285ES projector in just about any home installation, whether a small screen is required or a big screen. In fact, this entry-level projector can support 4K images up to 200in in size.

Despite the massive size, Sony’s packed many of its flagship technologies into this projector. That includes the TRILUMINOS display technology that promises to provide a much broader colour range, while reproducing more tones and textures. It also should provide longer playing time than a standard projector, with operation time of up to 6,000 hours.

A laser projector should offer better optics and a longer operation time, although it’ll cost significantly more. Thankfully Sony does have a new true 4K HDR laser projector available for those looking for a little more. The VPL-VW885ES boasts 20,000 hours of operation time and 2,000 lumens of brightness, although it is priced at $24,999.99.

High-End Features, Entry-Level Price

Sony’s Reality Creation feature, which provides a crisper picture quality on 4K content and enhanced upscaling from HD content is available on its entry-level VPL-VW285ES. The projector also boasts a Dynamic Contrast of 200,000:1, while thanks to Advanced Iris, cinema-viewers and gamers are able to witness bright highlights and dark scenes in vivid, lifelike detail.

“Sony’s newest line-up of true 4K HDR home theatre projectors delivers the engagement experience for cinema-viewers and gamers of all genres,” says Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and COO. “The new projector line provides an entry-level for those seeking to elevate their viewing experience to true 4K with the VW285ES or reach further into image perfection with the VW385ES home theatre projector experience.”

Pricing and Exclusive Offer

Sony’s latest entry-level projector, the VPL-VW285ES starts at $4,999.99, although there are two other affordable models that installers can choose from. The VPL-VW385ES is priced at $7,999.99, while the VPL-VW675ES is slightly more at $14,999.99.

Those wishing to purchase Sony’s latest projectors will also be able to take advantage of an exclusive offer in partnership with Kaleidescape. Consumers who purchase a Sony 4K HDR projector and Kaleidescape 4K player will get free movie bundles worth up to $350, although the offer is only valid between September 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

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