Following the roll-out of Google Assistant support on BRAVIA TVs in the US, Sony has confirmed that the UK will be the first in Europe to also receive support. A select few Sony 4K HDR TVs will begin receiving the update, although users should only expect to see the update on newer models.

Installers looking to install a whole-home smart solution may want to look at one of Sony’s BRAVIA Android TVs, after all it gives users the ability to not only access content from a wide range of streaming services, but now also offers the power of the Google Assistant. Using the Google Assistant it allows users to bark orders at their TV, whether it be to set reminders, search for content, or even turn off their smart lighting.

Thus far Sony has confirmed that the AF8, XF90, XF85, XF80 and XF75 are all in line to get the update by the end of June 2018. It won’t be long before the Google Assistant makes it way to other markets, however. France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands are all on the cards for later this year.

Sony isn’t the first manufacturer to offer Google Assistant support on its TVs. Installers wanting more choice may want to opt for one of LG’s latest sets, or could even pair something like an Nvidia Shield TV set-top box with another brand of TV or projector. In fact, you could even go down the traditional route and just opt to install a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker.

There are some advantages to having Google Assistant built into the TV, however. Users can make voice commands to watch a movie or their favourite TV series on Google Play and other popular services – simply by saying phrases such as ‘play Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on Google Play’. The Google Assistant on Sony Android TVs will also help users find the latest blockbuster, check the score of the big game and or ask Google about the cast of their favourite show.

In terms of smart home control, the Google Assistant is capable of controlling more than 1,500 devices from over 225 brands. This includes light and thermostat control through simple commands, such as ‘turn off the kitchen lights’ or ‘set the thermostat to 20 degrees.’

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