Sonos is adding AirPlay 2 support to its range of multi-room speakers, the company has confirmed. There are also plans for a new retail store in London, with Berlin set to get a retail presence shortly afterward.

AirPlay 2 is Apple’s latest streaming audio technology, with iOS users able to stream any sound from their iPhone or iPad to an external speaker. That means users are no longer restricted to playing audio from the Apple Music app or Spotify app, but they can also use Sonos as a speaker for YouTube videos or the ultimate Netflix and chill session.

While being able to stream any sound from an iPhone or iPad is handy, AirPlay 2 also opens the world of music streaming to Siri. Now users can simply ask Siri to play music on their Sonos Play:1 and have it beamed straight from their phone to the speaker.

AirPlay 2 is more than just about streaming music to individual speakers, however. The technology is supposed to make multi-room streaming super easy. This is the primary function of Sonos, of course, so it’s no surprise to see the manufacturer supporting the technology. AirPlay 2 makes it easier to stream to multiple rooms by grouping speakers and allowing users to stream based on rooms rather than speakers. Users can even select several rooms for a whole home audio solution.

Sonos’ support for AirPlay 2 won’t launch until 2018, and it won’t be the only company adding support. Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Dynaudio and Libratone have also promised support.

Elsewhere in the world of Sonos, the company has revealed plans for a flagship retail store located in London and Berlin. The store is set to be located in the fashionable Covent Garden area, right by the UK’s flagship Apple Store.

Like the New York store, the London location will come complete with listening booths, hold numerous events throughout the year, and play host to artwork encapsulating the city’s music scene.

This is not the first time Sonos has had a presence in London, the company formerly operated a studio and art gallery in London’s West End. This has since closed, meaning the city is ripe for a new Sonos location.

Joining London in gaining a Sonos retail store will be Berlin, which will get its first ever location after the London store opens.

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