Having announced its first production-ready 8K QLED TV back in August at IFA 2018, Samsung has officially confirmed when the Q900R will be going on sale and how much it will cost.

Samsung’s Q900R is its first 8K resolution TV to be made available to the general public. As expected, it utilises the company’s QLED technology, which adds quantum dots to a traditional LCD panel to enhance the number of colours available and helps bring black levels to near OLED levels. The Q900R will feature several features not found on the company’s other QLED TVs, however. That includes Real 8K Resolution, Q HDR 8K and Quantum Processor 8K.

In recent years the industry has begun moving away from the resolution race and instead has concentrated on enhancing image quality with technologies such as high dynamic range and wide colour gamut. Samsung still understands that big numbers win over consumers, and 8K is easily more marketable than technologies such as HDR. It will have to convince consumers to buy an 8K TV despite the lack of 8K content, however. The company’s solution to that problem is 8K AI Upscaling, this will enhance existing 4K or 1080p content and add extra pixels which should make it even more immersive.

Some of Samsung’s most popular features have also made the jump to the Q900R. This includes the universal One Remote, Ambient Mode and the One Invisible Connection, which is a single fibre optic cable that carries power and data from an external box. This forgoes the need to plug in HDMI cables or a power cable directly into the TV, making it easier to wall mount.

Samsung has confirmed that the Q900R 8K QLED TV will be made available to pre-order from the company’s website from October 3, with the official release date set for October 17. Prices start at £4,999.99, with the Q900R available in sizes ranging from 65in, 75in, 82in and 85in.

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