Habitech has added Projecta Parallax screens to its AV distribution line-up, which includes seven 16:9 screens ranging from 77 to 120in diagonal and seven 2.35:1 models from 96 to 148in diagonal.

Parallax 0.8 is an ambient light-rejecting projection screen technology that features an optical lens system designed to reject, rather than diffuse light.

Available from Habitech on a wide range of fixed frame screens in 16:9 and Ultra-wide 2.35:1 aspect ratios, the new screen fabric comprises multiple micro-layers to achieve its ambient light blocking properties, which is said to result in better detail, colour and brightness in higher ambient light conditions and at wider viewing angles.

Each micro-layer has a function in preserving the image that is reflected back to the viewer.

The black layers have been optimised to boost contrast and absorb ambient light from the sides, while a special layer, shaped like a microscopic saw-tooth, blocks light from above producing more vivid, high-contrast images in bright office environments and where there is poor light control: during daytime viewing in residential media rooms, for example.

Projecta is backed by Habitech’s hands-on training, readily available stock, pre and post-sales support and system specification.

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