Invision has officially announced UK availability of the new Origin Acoustics Composer THTR collection.

Through Origin Acoustics’ drive to create the finest speaker in the world, the company’s latest speaker collection offers a wide variety of features to suit installers.

The new theatre collection uses larger woofers and mid-range drivers, all designed to be better than previous Origin Acoustics speakers.

Four 6½in drivers partner with the Origin Acoustics’ patented DPSD 1in tweeter to deliver the accuracy and sonic linearity that the company says was once reserved for the world’s ‘finest’ box speakers.

The new Origin Acoustics THTR66 and THTR68 feature the company’s dual plane stabilised diaphragm (DPSD) tweeter, which promise to give greater output and is able to crossover much lower to either the woofer or the mid-range improving both dispersion and frequency response.

The THTR66 and THTR68 also feature EQ Adjustment Switches on the baffle allowing installers to adjust the output of either the high frequencies or both high and low frequencies to custom tailor the sound based on the proximity of walls and other architectural elements in the room.

Another feature of the THTR66 and THTR68 is the Origin Acoustics tool-less ZipClip Mounting System that secures the speakers into the ceiling or wall with exactly the right amount of torque to ensure a tight fit without warping the baffle or the plasterboard.

This is accomplished by hand-squeezing the clips into place and locking the speaker assembly with a slight clockwise twist.

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