How do you show off 4K Ultra HD to clients and truly wow them? Well, you could opt for one of the many Ultra HD Blu-rays just joining the market – or you could truly wow them with NASA’s 4K Montage.

NASA’s latest content release is a 4K view of earth from the International Space Station and even shows off the absolutely astounding Aurora Borealis. It’s already being described by commenters and analysts as the ultimate ‘earth porn’ video and CE Pro Europe couldn’t think of a better way to show off the detail 4K Ultra HD affords.

The footage was filmed using the Epic Dragon camera by RED, which was brought aboard the ISS in October 2014. Despite it producing stunning 4K visuals, that’s not where its talents lie. In fact, the Epic Dragon is capable of taking 6K videos – 6,144 x 3,160 – at 100 frames per second.

So why not release the footage in the even higher resolution? Well for a number of reasons – firstly, there aren’t many displays that can handle that amount of pixels and secondly, the video was released on YouTube, which supports 2160p UltraHD as its highest resolution.

The Aurora Borealis video is not alone in its release however. NASA has also shown off the earth on its own in all of its glory. That means installers now have two eye-wateringly detailed videos to show off 4K Ultra HD to their clients.

If there is any problem with NASA’s latest releases – it’s the fact that the videos have been released on YouTube. While that makes it easily accessible to all, it does suffer from heavy compression. It would be beneficial to see NASA release the full videos without any compression for viewers to be truly astonished.

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