MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) has announced Control4 Corporation as the first home automation platform to support MQA’s award-winning technology, via the new Control4 Smart Home OS 3.  

MQA is the company delivering authenticated master-quality music in a file small enough to stream. Now integrated with Control4 OS 3, MQA lets homeowners in a Control4 Smart Home enjoy studio quality sound throughout their entire home.

MQA music can be streamed on the TIDAL app which also natively integrates with Control4. TIDAL, the artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform, brings fans closer to their music icons, and has partnered with MQA to deliver guaranteed master-quality recordings directly from the studio source.  

The Control4 OS 3 up-date delivers MQA technology and is available worldwide for new and legacy systems using EA Series controllers, as well as Triad audio speakers and equipment such as the Triad One Streaming Amplifier.

Bob Stuart, Founder and CTO of MQA, comments, “As a leading specialist in the home automation market, Control4 is simplifying the daily lives of music lovers who want a streamlined, multi-room listening experience.  We’re proud to collaborate with Control4 and the growing global ecosystem of partners who believe everyone deserves to hear their favourite music in its original master quality.”

“Entertainment is a key feature of the Control4 Smart Home, and we support a variety of music services, so adding MQA was a natural fit to offer more better-than-CD quality options for our customers and audio enthusiasts,” says Control4 VP Business & Corporate Development Noel Gouff.  “Control4 Smart Home OS 3 brings users new ways to launch and adjust their music, and it’s easy to start listening to their MQA library from their smartphone, touch screen, or TV remote, even making it a ‘Favourite’ in key rooms in the home.”  

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