Monitor Audio’s new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker is the manufacturer’s answer to what it calls the ‘stereo dilemma’.

“Even though minimised all-in-one devices may be easy to place around the home, they cannot compete with the wide audio dispersion of traditional twin speaker set-ups,” says Monitor Audio.

What the Airstream S200 does it to focus on state-of-the-art connectivity, advanced digital processing and amplification within a diminutive speaker design.

It is smaller than the average one-box system but takes on the latest tech to generate a ‘deceptively big stereo sound from every conceivable audio source’.

With Apple Airplay, Airstream Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth aptX and DLNA on board, the bijou S200 system delivers stereo sound from stored or online music libraries via PC, MAC, NAS, and Apple, Android or Windows mobiles.

Away from a Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth or Monitor Audio’s proprietary Airstream Direct can be used to stream files to the S200.

The system’s audio architecture is designed to resolve higher quality streams from uncompressed Bluetooth Apt-X, ALAC and FLAC file formats as well.

Not stopping there, iOS devices can be plugged in to the S200 directly using a USB/charge input for playback, charging requirements and simple Wi-Fi sharing.

A plethora of devices can connect through a 3.5mm stereo jack to cater to analogue requirements. 

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