Loewe has debuted a brand new app for controlling its range of luxury televisions. The app features everything users would expect, including a digital remote control and the ability to check the electronic programming guide (EPG) directly on a mobile device.

It’s not unheard of to see a TV manufacturer launch a dedicated app for controlling their TVs, after all similar apps are also available for LG and Samsung TVs. Loewe is hoping that its app will offer a bit more than those offered by its mainstream competitors, with the luxury manufacturer promising a bit of polish to its offering.

As well as allowing users to view, stream and record their favourite programmes at the simple touch of a button, the integrated electronic programme guide (EPG) provides information on future broadcasts up to seven days before they air.

Utilising the TVs tuner, the new App enables the homeowner to stream live television to a tablet or phone. Meanwhile, the TV’s DR+ recording feature ensures any content stored in its archive can be viewed on any medium, be it TV, tablet or phone, making sure no one will ever miss their favourite programme again.

Much of this functionality is similar to that offered by Sky Q. The satellite broadcaster already enables users to stream content on different devices, but Loewe’s service doesn’t require an expensive subscription.

The new app is available for both Google Android and Apple iOS devices. Quick pairing ensures the process is as simple and efficient as possible. Furthermore, the app works with all televisions found in Loewe’s portfolio.

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