OLED TVs are currently all the rage, with LG and Sony both offering models that are receiving high praise from both consumers and the tech media alike. Loewe’s bild 7 range has been equally well received, but for those who deemed the 65in maximum screen size, it wasn’t the ideal TV. Thankfully, Loewe has released a brand new model of its first OLED TV, and it comes with a massive 77in panel.

Loewe is a premium manufacturer, and that’s exactly why a large 77in screen is exactly what many of its customers will want. That’s because the rich colours and deep blacks that are afforded by OLED are even more immersive on a screen this size.

Dubbed the bild 7.7, this latest OLED TV model boasts all the pizzazz that users have come to expect from Loewe TVs. That includes a motorised floor stand that can rotate the screen left or right via the remote to ensure the perfect viewing angles. The new bild 7.7 also supports the new mobile remote app.

Loewe is keen to pack as much technology into this TV as possible, however. That’s why the company has hidden a 120W soundbar beneath and behind the screen. Turning the TV on will slide the TV up to reveal the soundbar, meaning it’ll be completely hidden when the TV is off.

In addition to all the usual Loewe tricks, the bild 7.7 also includes a 1TB hard drive for recording TV shows and movies directly from the built-in Freeview HD Tuner. It also boasts Wi-Fi and smart TV functionality.

As with most other OLED TVs on the market, the bild 7.7 comes equipped with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG – as well as a 4K resolution. For all of that visual glory, Loewe has priced the bild 7.7 at £12,990 – more than LG’s models, but a price tag that isn’t all that high.

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