Loewe has launched the Loewe Art TV, an Ultra HD 4K television that combines high-performance features and state-of-the-art technologies with aesthetic appeal.

The Loewe Art TV features a dual-channel configuration, allowing a user to watch one programme whilst recording another via USB.

Another convenient feature takes the form of ‘Smart tv2move’, which streams the programme a user is watching (or an alternative channel) to a tablet.

Meanwhile, Loewe’s ‘Instant Channel Zapping’ technology provides convenience for the end user, whilst its amplification delivers up to 80W in total to drive the four speakers.

This ensures that all Art TV models deliver crisp sound straight from the box, without the need for an external sound bar.

The Loewe Art Ultra HD 4K TV delivers images from a variety of video sources including USB, a user’s home network and the Internet.

The Loewe Art TV is compatible with the latest high-resolution interfaces – HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and HEVC h265 – enabling users to view ultra-high-resolution content from appropriate external devices.

Conventional Full HD video is also catered for due to Loewe’s on-board scaling technology.

Moving on to the Loewe Assist Media 2015 operating system, this is easy and intuitive to use, incorporating smart graphic elements, useful content lists whilst allowing a user to find key content, browse online, check television network broadcasts and media libraries.

All searches can also be custom configured. The Loewe Smart TV MediaNet portal is also directly linked to content from online video libraries and music streaming services.

Each of the Loewe Art models are 3D-compatible and are available with optional 3D glasses, as well as taking on speaker technology from Soen – utilising four forward-facing transducers.

Further to this, the Loewe Art TV is fully compatible with home automation control protocol RS232 enabling seamless integration into a wider smart-home environment.

Crucially, Loewe products are designed to minimise energy consumption and continue performing for many years.


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