With an expanded family of 4K ULTRA HD TVs, CES 2015 will provide the first outing for the company’s ColourPrime series which produces greater realism and depth either with Wide Colour LED or Quantum Dot technologies.

LG says its 4K ULTRA HD TV with Wide Colour LED technology utilises different phosphor-based LEDs to display greater colour depth and more lifelike images.

LG will also be unveiling for the first time ever its 4K ULTRA HD TVs with Quantum Dot technology, designed to offer high colour accuracy along with a 30% increase in the colour gamut.

LG claims its 4K ULTRA HD TVs deliver exceptional 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution with In-Plane Switching (IPS) 4K panels.

The maker says these displays render colour vibrancy of images in near original quality and do so while allowing for remarkably wide viewing angles.

LG’s True Black Control local dimming technology is included to refine the contrast and create darker, deeper blacks.

Also new for 2015 is LG’s Natural Colour feature which minimises colour reproduction errors while Contrast Optimiser maximises colour contrast and brightness.

LG is also looking to highlight the very slim and aesthetically appealing design of its new sets.

Five of LG’s 4K ULTRA HD TV models come equipped with a multi-channel ULTRA Surround System, developed in partnership with Harman/Kardon for enhanced stand-alone audio.

Also new for 2015, the high-end UF9500 series features an integrated Auditorium Stand designed to reflect and centralise sound for maximum performance.

LG argues that its newly upgraded proprietary smart TV platform, webOS 2.0, is even more user-friendly than its predecessor, letting users explore the system’s full potential in intuitive ways.

Booting time has been reduced by up to 60% and connectivity to external devices has been improved.

LG has also integrated its 4K Upscaler algorithm into its 4K Ultra HD TV lineup for improved rendering of SD, HD and Full HD content into near Ultra HD quality images.

The same system also supports both 30p and 60p 4K content from external devices, helping to assure that LG TVs will be compatible with future Ultra HD transmission standards.


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