LG has revealed the latest generation of WebOS for its 2016 range of smart TVs.

In keeping with the company’s WebOS efforts, LG has kept the UI design largely identical to previous versions of the software. The latest update is set to be simpler than ever before however; it will also include three distinctive new features.

Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and an upgraded Magic Remote are the key changes between WebOS 2.0 and 3.0.

Magic Zoom enables users to magnify objects and letters without any degradation in picture quality.

With Magic Mobile Connection, users can connect a mobile phone to their LG Smart TV via the LG TV Plus App on their mobile device to access mobile apps on the TV screen.

The upgraded Magic Remote is designed to make controlling set-top boxes (STB) easier with the addition of buttons on the remote.

The Screen Remote feature has also been redesigned to simplify the user interface for less clutter and more convenience.

Channel Plus is also a new component of Web OS 3.0, offering a wide range of over-the-top content in a user friendly format.

It does this by combining OTT content with familiar broadcast TV channels, enabling users to browse OTT content as if they were traditional channels.

Users will have the ability to control Channel Plus with an App to provide program recommendations via on-screen widgets, while a partnership with xumo.com will bring a wide range of content from the likes of Bloomberg, Time Inc., Condé Nast Entertainment and the Wall Street Journal, all free to access.

A variety of premium content will also be available, from the likes of BuzzFeed, Popsugar and Mode Media.

A few other new features include Channel Advisor, which will analyse viewing patterns and recommend shows that are watched frequently or shows the user may like. Multi-view will also allow a user to watch two different channels at the same time – or live TV and a Blu-Ray movie.

One feature that could be significant however, is the inclusion of IoTV support.

Through this support and certification from UL, LG’s 2016 TVs will be fully compatible with the Internet of Things. From the TV users will be able to control certain aspects of a smart home, including their LG appliances and other connected devices.

With webOS 3.0, homeowners can adjust the brightness of the lights in the room or change the temperature setting of the air conditioner.

“We have always viewed the living room TV as the central hub of the smart home and LG Smart TV with webOS 3.0 was designed with this eventual functionality in mind,” says Sam Kim, senior vice president and head of TV product planning at the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

“LG will continue to provide the best user experience and develop innovative IoT-capable home products beyond the expectations of consumers.”

UL, a leading global testing and certification organisation, has verified a series of LG WebOS 3.0-enabled OLED and UHD TVs, with CES attendees getting the first glimpse of the television sets at the company’s booth.

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