LG is launching its second-generation Dolby Atmos soundbar at CES 2018, and it has partnered with Meridian Audio to ensure it is equipped with all the technology audiophiles have come to expect.

Dubbed the SK10Y, this new soundbar delivers 550W of output and boasts 5.1.2 channels; it also supports Dolby Atmos audio which delivers 360° sound for a truly immersive listening experience. This is not the first LG soundbar to come equipped with 3D audio technology, as last year’s SJ9 is also capable of giving the illusion of sound in all directions.

Dolby Atmos soundbars work by reflecting audio off of surfaces to give the illusion of speakers placed throughout the room. That’s why the SKY10Y is equipped with upward firing speakers so that audio can be reflected from the ceiling and back down onto the listener. This gives the illusion that sound is not just coming from left and right channels, but also from above.

That’s not the most exciting feature of the SK10Y, however, as Dolby Atmos was also present on the SJ9. In fact, what really sets the SK10Y apart from its predecessor is the input LG received from Meridian Audio, the British manufacturer. That’s because Meridian provided its Bass and Space technology, which promises ‘rich and uncompromising sound’ no matter where the listener is seated in the room. Paired with the company’s height elevation technology, the sound from the SK10Y should come through crystal clear and with the depth one would expect from a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

LG Dolby Atmos SJ9 soundbar

LG’s SK10Y replaces the SJ9 Dolby Atmos soundbar that launched at CES 2017

Little else has changed on the SK10Y in comparison to the SJ9, in fact even the design remains fairly similar bar some subtle changes to the front grille. From a personal stand point, the SJ9 certainly looks more modern, while the SK10Y looks functional. The new design language also shows in the tweaks made to the subwoofer, with the new model being both slimmer and more rectangular compared to the sub on the SJ9, which was square.

LG has yet to confirm when the SKY10Y will be released, nor has it announced pricing. Both those details are likely to become apparent as CES 2018 gets underway in Las Vegas.

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