Available in the UK in a few months time, Klipsch’s Reference R-4B two-way soundbar boasts ‘premium’ drivers, two lightweight ¾-inch horn-loaded textile dome tweeters and two 2.5-inch midrange fiber composite woofers.

Its tweeters are coupled with Klipsch-exclusive Tractrix horns, designed to reduce distortion and increase dispersion more directly to the main listening area.

Included with the soundbar is a 6.5in down-firing wireless subwoofer that is housed in a MDF cabinet with a slot-port design. The subwoofer pairs automatically with the soundbar.

Measuring 3.5in tall and 40in wide, the soundbar sits comfortably under most television screens without obstructing the view or the infrared signal from the TV’s remote.

The two-way soundbar retails for $399.99 and is compatible with most Bluetooth wireless enabled devices.

The included programmable remote features three listening modes: virtual surround, night EQ and voice enhancement EQ.

Meanwhile, its Dolby Digital Decoder allows the soundbar to automatically reproduce detailed, high-quality sound no matter what format of sound is coming from the TV’s output.

Removable feet and included keyhole mounts provide placement flexibility for the soundbar to be mounted to a wall or rest in front of the TV.

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