We always talk about how physical media is on the way out, and it’s certainly true for the vast majority of consumers. Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, and the popularity of online video stores it’s hard to imagine having to go out and buy a DVD or Blu-ray in 2018. Unfortunately, for those on a yacht, downloading or streaming movies isn’t exactly an easy task. Thankfully, Kaleidescape has come up with a convenient solution for those yacht owners who would rather not rely on physical media.

Kaleidescape can already be found on more than 1,000 yachts, but it’s not always been the most convenient solution thanks to its reliance on DVD and Blu-ray discs for content while at sea. The company’s new service will allow yacht owners to preload content on their Kaleidescape media server before it leaves the factory, however. In fact, thanks to its partnership with major Hollywood studios, the firm is able to offer more than 10,000 titles to fit any taste – and it’s constantly adding more, with many available on the film’s cinema release date.

Not all Kaleidescape users will want to install new hardware every time they want to add a new film, however. Thankfully, the company is also offering to deliver new movies via an encrypted USB hard drive. That should offer an easier solution to adding new films than trying to locate the nearest Blockbuster store when the ship docks.

There are advantages to buying films through Kaleidescape on top of convenience. Unlike buying a DVD, customers will be able to enjoy content in the highest fidelity available. That means if a film offers 4K resolution, that’s exactly what will be delivered, as long as the hardware installed is capable of handling it.

“Kaleidescape has long enabled luxury cinema aboard yachts and superyachts,” says Cheena Srinivasan, Kaleidescape founder and CEO.

“Now we are delighted to deliver the finest Hollywood content, because exquisite content is in the key to an extraordinary cinematic experience.”
Kaleidescape’s new movie service is available exclusively to marine customers and will be available later this year.

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