What are you up to today?

Today is my last day in Paris. I have just completed a high end system upgrade and we have met the client for the hand-over.

How and why did you pursue a career in the AV/Install industry?

The custom install industry is ever evolving with new technologies. My role at Cornflake allows me to work with all the latest kit. I get to use a variety of skills and everyday presents new and different challenges.

What project are you most proud of in your career and why?

Last year I did a 450k install in Hampshire, I did 90% of the engineering on my own. The job was named a finalist in 4 different categories at this years CEDIA awards, and won ‘Best Dressed Rack’, an award I have been after for a couple of years!

What is the worst thing (outside of your control) that has ever gone wrong on a project?

Contractors covering invisible speakers with polished plaster, it was an expensive problem to rectify.

As an installer, what is one thing you’re tired of hearing either on the job, or about your job?

Architects constantly not giving us enough space for a centralised head end, making installation more time consuming and difficult than it should be

What one thing could the industry collectively do to improve its standing and profitability?

More guidelines and regulations for how installations are carried out. Normally electrical contractors do the first fix cabling, they should be regulated and certified to do this. By implementing this there would be less problems for AV companies to deal with when the termination process begins.

What is your favourite piece of AV kit on the market right now?

Macintosh amplifiers, they are so well engineered and produce an amazing sound.

What product/s or concepts do you think will be the next big thing will be in the industry?

Content delivery. People’s viewing habits are changing, the next generation are becoming more likely to watch video content on demand. Streamed and catch up services will virtually wipe out live viewing.

What’s the best thing about life as an installer?

I’m lucky in the fact that I carry out hi-end installations and upgrades where money is not so much a factor. Virtually every project has innovative design and custom features that give me fresh engineering challenges.

You can invite three people living or dead out for a pint or over for dinner (not including family and friends!) Who are they and why?

The three people I would like to meet and why are; Steve Irwin, the guy was an absolute legend! A little mad but he would have been great to go have a beer with. The cast of the Inbetweeners, not only would they be a laugh, two of them are Crystal Palace fans like me. Stephen Fry, the guy is such an interesting character, think he would be good conversation over a pint.

You can only listen to one album and watch one film for the rest of your life, what are they?

Favourite album – Classic House Anthems – grew up loving house music, so many great memories. Favourite film – Elf – never fails to make me laugh.

What’s a common pet peeve during a project?

Constantly being asked to install kit too early, dust free environment only please!

Do you have any hidden talents?

Singing in the shower, I think I’m great, but I don’t think anyone else does!

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