Premier League title contenders Liverpool and Chelsea will battle it out in what BT plans to be the first ever live BT Sport match to be shown in UHD and Dolby Atmos sound. BT plans to be the first UK broadcaster to launch Dolby Atmos sound, which is currently scheduled to be available to subscribers of BT Sport’s UHD TV packages in January.

The match at Anfield on Tuesday, January 31, will kick off at 8pm and BT plans every following Premier League match to be broadcast live on BT Sport in UHD and Dolby Atmos sound, as well as a selection of FA Cup games. It will be available for no extra cost with BT TV’s Total Entertainment pack.

BT has gradually been bolstering its TV service in the face of intense competition from both Sky and Virgin Media. While BT was the first to offer 4K content on its platform, Sky and Virgin Media now offer the same functionality and in some cases, more functionality.

To keep up with its competitors, BT says it will double the number of sports events broadcast in Ultra HD in 2017, while it will also look to expand Dolby Atmos films. According to What Hi-Fi, the company will lean heavily on its partnership with AMC in order to roll-out more Ultra HD content.

Alongside a renewed push into 4K, BT will also be updating the design of its YouView platform. The updated UI will more closely resemble that of streaming video giant Netflix, an approach that Sky also took when it launched Q. The new UI will roll-out automatically to all of BT’s products.

Next year BT will also take Sky and Virgin Media head-on in the mobile TV space, with a new BT TV app set to allow customers to watch content they have downloaded on their smartphones and tablets.

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Live Dolby Atmos audio will soon accompany Premier League games on BT Sport; as the telecommunications provider has promised to offer the immersive audio format to its customers starting January 31, 2017.

Dolby Atmos will be available solely to BT Sport Ultra HD customers when it launches in January, but it won’t be a one-off. While January 31 will represent the first game to be broadcast live with Dolby Atmos audio, it won’t be the last, as BT is promising that every Premier League game after that date will also air with immersive audio.

What’s more the game will also be broadcast live in 4K, meaning not only will it be an immersive experience for your ears, but it will also be a visual feast for the eyes.


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