Crystal Acoustics has unveiled the Widaptor, a device that allows consumers to connect any group of disparate audio devices into a fully-functioning wireless multi-room music system.

The aim of Widaptor is to receive users’ music over WiFi and then transmit it to any active speaker, hi-fi setup or microsystem within wireless range.

Crystal Acoustics says that this will turn customers’ existing audio products into a cohesive, high-performance wireless system, at a fraction of the cost of standalone wireless systems like Sonos.

When multiple Widaptors are combined together, this will give users the option to control all zones using a single handheld device, like a smartphone or tablet, or even change songs in individual rooms.

Users also have the option to listen to their favourite internet radio stations, without the need for their phone or tablet, or synchronise music across multiple speakers.

So how do you set up this wireless music system? Well, Crystal Acoustics claims that it’s rather simple, since the Widaptor can connect to any audio system or active speaker.

The Widaptor can then connect to a WiFi network which is then used to transmit music from the users’ smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

There’s also the option for USB playback from a memory stick or HD storage device if there’s no device present where the user wants to play music from.

Widaptor is compatible with all the WiSound wireless speakers from the Crystal Acoustics Reference Wireless Series.

The Widaptor costs £49.99 and is available now, with DLNA and AirPlay compatibility built in, as well as a 3.5mm input and output for connecting to even more speakers than just those from Crystal Acoustics.

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