ISE visitors can get a close look at ICE Cable Systems’ robust assortment of HDMI solutions in both pre-terminated and field-terminable varieties to satisfy the many in-room and in-wall HDMI connectivity needs of the CI sector.

ICE Cable’s Clear Series 2 HDMI pre-terminated line incorporates a compact head design with a GRIP lock connector that provides up to 15lbs of pull-force.

ICE Cable says an active chipset and proprietary premium cable design make possible transmission of 1080P/60 HZ up to 30m without extenders.

The cable is available in lengths from 5m to 30m (and in black or white) and is pre-cut and terminated.

With in-wall installation in mind, ICE Cable is also now delivering field-terminable HDMI wire, connectors and accessories.

An internal locking head, along with internal ribbon cable and round jacket designs looks to deliver a fast connection and easy pulling.

The product is capable of sending HDMI signals up to 24m (with extender) and also available are a crimp tool and tester.

ICE Cable will also be explaining the advantages now available via its investment in a new REELEX coiling machine for its factory.

REELEX’s tangle-free technology is a patented method of winding wire and cable into a figure-eight coil. 

In optimising each coil, factors such as gain, payout hole control and the density of the wind, along with progressive coil tension, are all instrumental to producing tangle-free packages. 

This coil can only be produced on a specially-designed and patented REELEX machine and accompanying customized software. 

The REELEX II coil within the bulk wire carton does not rotate during payout, nor does any inertia take place.

Void of any moving parts, the coil dispenses from the inside-out with a clear path and avoids the typical twists, tangles and snags that plague bulk wire cartons.

The REELEX II technology is a key element in ICE Cable Systems Big Mouth Payout bulk wire carton, that along with other conveniences such as ascending and descending foot markers on the cable jackets, and durable 24 kilogram burst-tested cardboard with dual-layer handles, have made it popular among installers.

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