Karma-AV has announced the UK launch of Revel’s Concerta2 Series loudspeakers, which are designed to provide high sound quality at ‘modest prices’ for a wide range of music and home theatre applications.

Available in June 2016, the six-model Concerta2 range includes the M16 bookshelf monitor, two floor-standing tower speakers the F35 and F36, the C25 centre and S16 surround speakers, and the 800W B10 active subwoofer.

Available in high-gloss black and white painted finishes, the Concerta2 Series loudspeakers employ a 1-inch aluminium tweeter with an integral phase ring derived from Revel’s Performa3 Series, while the tweeters are fitted with a patented fourth-generation Acoustic Lens Waveguide.

The Concerta2 bass/mid drivers feature newly developed deep-anodised aluminium cones, designed to improve rigidity without increasing mass for more linear excursions and reduced distortion throughout the drivers’ operating range.

Concerta2 loudspeakers are built to high standards using 3/4-inch MDF enclosure construction with non-parallel sidewalls to attenuate internal standing waves. The enclosures have edge-to-edge ‘windowpane’ bracing to reduce cabinet-induced colouration.

Care and attention has been paid to all internal parts and wiring, including gold-plated multi-way binding posts to accept a variety of speaker cable terminations.

The speakers’ acoustic performance has been verified via double-blind testing at the Harman Listening Lab.

The Concerta2 enclosures employ curved side panels and matte black trim rings surrounding the drivers, a matte black tweeter waveguide and a removable magnetically fastened grille: there are no visible fixings on any front surface.

Typical retail prices:

F36 2.5-way floor-standing tower: 1-inch tweeter, three 6.5-inch woofers; SRP: £1,900/pr

F35 2.5-way floor-standing tower: 1-inch tweeter, three 5.25-inch woofers; SRP: £1,500/pr

M16 2-way bookshelf monitor: 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer; SRP: £900/pr

C25 2.5-way centre channel: 1-inch tweeter, dual 5.25-inch woofers; SRP: £600/ea

S16 2-way surround speaker: 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer; SRP: £450/ea

B10 powered subwoofer:10-inch woofer, built-in 800-watt amplifier; SRP: £1350/ea


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