Bowers & Wilkins has announced the sixth iteration of its 600 Series speakers, with the latest generation composed of four speakers and matching subwoofers that have been enhanced from their predecessor.

The 600 Series has been designed for those looking for Bowers & Wilkins quality but have a strict budget. In fact, the new 600 Series is integrating many of the higher-end technology first used in Bowers & Wilkins’ flagship 800 Series Diamond range, including the Continuum Cone midrange drivers, which was developed to improve upon the transparency and accuracy of the Kevlar cone.

“The 600 Series is the perfect entry point into the Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity audio experience,” says Richard Campbell, chief revenue officer at Bowers & Wilkins.

“The new 600 Series embodies the original ethos of John Bowers’ mission to deliver best sound quality and to set new standards for audio performance.”

The new 600 Series also introduces an updated version of the company’s Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter technology for even clearer and more accurate high-frequency performance. This technology, paired with new paper cone low-frequency drivers in the flagship 603, promise ‘rich, powerful’ bass response.

The new range is available in Matte Black and Satin White and includes:

  • 603: As the flagship and largest speaker in the series, this boasts the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, an FST midrange driver using the Continuum Cone, plus dual paper-cone bass drivers (£1249)
  • 606: For stand or bookshelf use, this compact speaker also features the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter technology with 6.5-inch Continuum Cone (£549)
  • 607: Although the smallest in the range, this compact stand or bookshelf speaker still offers a 5-inch Continuum Cone mid/bass driver (£399)
  • HTM6: A slim, dedicated centre channel speaker with the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter plus dual 5-inch Continuum Cone mid/bass drivers (£399)
  • ASW610XP, ASW610 and ASW608: Completing the range are three subwoofers carried across from the previous 600 Series with updated finishes to match the new range (£799), (£499) and (£399)
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