What is the future of SpeakerCraft in the EMEA region?

We’re building on the successes of the current year to create a strong base for the future. SpeakerCraft is a brand with a lot of passion and history around it.

The team driving the brand today is incredible and totally focused on creating amazing products for our dealers and their customers.

Do you think that the EMEA region needs to be educated more on what SpeakerCraft has to offer?

SpeakerCraft is a worldwide brand and the EMEA represents a very important market.

We’re focused on tools and training to help dealers build their SpeakerCraft business.

We’ll match the new technologies we’re putting into our speaker line-up with the information and tools dealers will need to create great installations. And we’ll be launching the new SpeakerCraft soon as well.

How has 2015 been for SpeakerCraft?

2015 has been a really strong year for SpeakerCraft. We began the year with the launch of our AIM Series 2 collection.

This is the new top-of-the-line for SpeakerCraft’s in-ceiling line-up.

We challenged the product team to exceed our expectations while staying true to the SpeakerCraft heritage.

In doing so they approached every angle of the speaker design. One example is the Acoustic Isolation Technology- co-moulded materials that reduce mechanical energy lost to the mounting surface.

By far the most visible design breakthrough in AIM Series 2 is the new ARC Tweeter Array.

This array of three and four tweeters, depending on the model, delivers high frequencies farther into the listening area than conventional speakers.

Equally important is that it also lets us lower the crossover point so we can increase the sound pressure level for the critical mid-range frequencies.

Of course, this is AIM Series 2, so both the woofer and the ARC Tweeter Array are totally AIM-able, for precise sound positioning.

The SpeakerCraft team designed AIM Series 2 with object-based surround systems like Dolby Atmos in mind – and these new speakers deliver in every respect.

As more dealers are installing Atmos or other object-based surround systems, they are turning to AIM Series 2 for their in-ceiling solutions.

But the year didn’t just start with speakers; we launched a new line of two-channel and multi-channel amplifiers, plus a new multi-room audio controller, the MRA-664.

It’s a single chassis solution combining multi-room audio with home theatre control and access to streaming sources. Plus, its wizard-based installer makes set-up a breeze.

How were the new products received by installers and dealers at CEDIA?

CEDIA was a great show. As I mentioned, our product team is making sure we deliver solutions that are ahead of trends.

The Dolby Atmos-enabled in-wall speakers we debuted at CEDIA are a perfect example.

While AIM Series 2 speakers create a phenomenal in-ceiling delivery for Atmos audio, we realise that not every customer can put speakers in the ceiling. 

So our in-wall Atmos ‘height’ speakers deliver the full object-based surround audio experience.

We demonstrated them with just a small ‘ceiling’ at our CEDIA booth and blew people away with how good they sounded and how well they deliver the Atmos experience. 

These are the first of their kind and we’re looking forward to sharing the experience at ISE in Amsterdam.

The Atmos height speakers represent ‘what’s next’ but we didn’t stop there.

SpeakerCraft also launched new top of the line in-wall speakers, the Profile LCR FIVE series.

The in-walls and the height speakers won awards at the show and we’re of course really proud of that. We also debuted and are shipping new in-ceiling models, including for the Profile AIM WIDE and AccuFit series.

Has the company achieved anything this year that you are particularly proud of?

Well yes, all of us at Core Brands are very proud of the SpeakerCraft team and we exceeded what were some very ambitious goals for not just growing, but re-energising the brand. Still, we remain focused on the future.

Do you have anything big planned for ISE?

Yes, we’ll be showing off the new line up, from AIM Series 2 to the eight models release this autumn.

Of course, we will demonstrate the future with our Atmos-enabled in-wall speakers. That alone is worth the price of admission. We’ll see you at ISE…

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