Bang & Olufsen has announced the expansion of its TV portfolio with the new 48in Beovision Contour, updates to Beovision Eclipse-55 2nd Generation and the addition of Beovision Harmony Motorized Floor Stand to its collection.

‘Sound is more than half the picture’ is at the heart of Bang & Olufsen’s Beovision philosophy. Combining an integrated three-channel powerful sound system with the latest generation OLED TV technology from LG Electronics, known for strong visuals, Bang & Olufsen says its TV portfolio guarantees a truly immersive home entertainment experience.

This winning formula makes Bang & Olufsen one of its kind in the market by offering the best in performance whilst maintaining an uncompromising approach to design and craftsmanship. With the launch of Beovision Contour, Bang & Olufsen’s TV portfolio now offers a range of TVs available in 48in to 88in screen sizes with three diverse concepts to suit many requirements.

  • The minimalist 48in Beovision Contour delivers an all-in-one TV and music experience achieved using sound technology based on the award-winning Beosound Stage
  • The 55in and 65in Beovision Eclipse offers a high-quality TV and music experience and can be connected to external speakers via the built-in surround sound decoder to create more cinematic impact. The addition of a motorized floor stand and wall bracket allows for a high degree of placement flexibility
  • Beovision Harmony is designed as a centerpiece for large screen cinematic home entertainment, covering screen sizes 65in to 88in. With a built-in 7.1 surround sound decoder, it is possible to connect eight Beolab speakers such as Beolab 18, Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 for the ultimate cinematic experience. The customer can choose from an array of different colours and finishes to create a unified aesthetic across products. It is also possible to create a bespoke finish on Beovision Harmony, Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 for those who wish to own a completely unique product

Beovision Contour

Beovision Contour is an all in one cinema and music experience within a single unit, allowing the user the freedom to use it as a primary or secondary depending on the size of the home.

Beovision Contour can be placed anywhere for optimum décor integration, whether it be in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, positioned on the floor, wall or table. Beovision Contour has been created to conceal unnecessary clutter whilst revealing timeless design elements and natural materials to compliment any home interior.

Choose from three colourways available in Silver, Black Anthracite and a beautiful Gold Tone, with matching fabric or wood veneer finishes for the speaker front cover. The wood veneer is available in Light Oak or Smoked Oak to match the chosen colour option for the aluminium frame. All cables are routed through the centre rear of the TV and hidden from view, offering a holistic 360-degree design, which allows the TV to remain visually appealing from any angle.

“We are excited to launch Beovision Contour, a screen viewing experience that doesn’t compromise on quality or design aesthetics despite its size. Our customers tell us there is a need for a mid-sized screen solution with flexible placement options built to the highest standards of performance and design, which is why we made Beovision Contour”, says Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen, SVP of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen.  

Three stand options have been designed as an integrated element of Beovision Contour to create its minimalist appearance. The aluminium floor stand can be manually turned 180 degrees either side to ensure the best viewing experience and has a light and modern aesthetic.

If the users wants the set mounted, Bang & Olufsen have engineered a wall bracket that allows you to move and angle the TV to suit your viewing arrangement. Bang & Olufsen have also created a tabletop stand made from a solid, rectangular aluminium billet to ensure that the TV can be placed on a shelf or floor. 

Evolved from Bang & Olufsen’s design language and designed in collaboration with Torsten Valeur, Beovision Contour is classic and simplistic, stripped of superfluousness. The aluminium frame that outlines the screen inspired the name of ‘Contour’, showcasing Bang & Olufsen’s expertise in aluminium manufacturing at Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark. The anodization to the surface of the aluminium has been achieved by a process of silver polishing before etching to create a satin finish that is both refined and delicate.

Behind the speaker cover of Beovision Contour are eleven speaker drivers and amplifiers with sound technology from the award-winning Beosound Stage. It also includes 4 x 4-inch bass drivers custom designed with focus on allowing bigger cone movement which provides an improved bass performance down to 30 Hz.

Equipped with the latest-generation 48in OLED screen from LG, Beovision Contour is second to none when it comes to realistic colour rendering, and absolute black levels which allows for the full Bang & Olufsen TV experience. All integrated sources can be conveniently controlled by the Beoremote One, a remote crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium.

Beovision Eclipse 2nd Gen  

After the success of the best-selling Beovision Eclipse 1st Gen available in the most popular screen sizes of 55in and 65in, Bang & Olufsen have launched Beovision Eclipse 2nd Gen. This has been updated to include the latestLG OLED GX screen technology and a sound-centre upgrade to cater for the new screen.

The Beovision Eclipse 2nd Gen offers a superior TV and music experience due to its integrated powerful 3-channel stereo setup, which ensures crisp and detailed speech and dialogue. It is now possible to connect wired and wirelessly to additional Beolab speakers via the integrated surround sound decoder, enabling a fully-fledged 7.1 channel immersive cinematic experience. You can now turn the TV screen to your favourite viewing position with the push of a button thanks to the addition of a motorized floor stand or motorized wall bracket, offering a high degree of placement flexibility.

Beovision Harmony Floor Stand 

The concept for Beovision Harmony was to integrate a very large screen in a main room by staging the experience with ‘magical’ movement. This created a solution to the dominance of a black screen when a TV is not in use and was achieved by partially covering the screen with the speaker covers. The Bang & Olufsen cinematic sound performance is delivered with speech intelligibility and power, says the maker, whilst the design transforms Beovision Harmony into much more than a lifeless black screen when not in use.

This TV has been taken to the next level with the addition of a new motorized floor stand available in Silver, Brass tone, Bronze tone and Gold tone to match the aluminium covers. Beovision Harmony Floor Stand gives more placement choices and provides a strong viewing experience from every angle. The motorized stand has been carefully orchestrated to complement the movement of Beovision Harmony and provides an even more impressive staging of the experience.

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