Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Harmony Can Fold Away When Not In Use

Bang & Olufsen has always been known for creating some of the most interesting TV sets in the industry, and the BeoVision Harmony certainly lives up to that description. That’s because it’s a TV that allows you to concentrate on what’s important – the audio and the video – and when you’re not watching it, it will neatly fold away, allowing you to enjoy the décor of the room without distractions.

When the TV is turned off, the BeoVision Harmony is completely unobtrusive, with just the top half of the display peeking out from behind a pair of oak-clad speakers. The real show begins when users press the remote to turn the TV on, with the speakers unfolding from their off position and revealing a 77in display. The display itself is nothing we haven’t seen before; in fact, it is literally something we have seen before, as it’s just a rebadged LG C9 OLED – not a bad thing considering that TV’s notability for rich colours and exceptional black levels.

The real star of the BeoVision Harmony is those butterfly wing speakers, however, and that’s unsurprising considering Bang & Olufsen is best-known for high-end audio. The speakers shipping with the BeoVision Harmony form part of a three-channel system, while there’s a built-in 7.1 surround sound decoder and multi-room connectivity for those wanting an even more immersive soundscape.

While the speakers are impressive and the display is taken from one of the best TVs currently on the market, they don’t explain the €18,500 price tag for the BeoVision Harmony. Thankfully, the premium materials that Bang & Olufsen has used to craft this TV certainly make that high price understandable. Not only are the speakers covered in oak, but the TV itself is constructed from premium aluminium. Then there’s that captivating butterfly wing mechanism that unravel the speakers to reveal the TV screen – the BeoVision Harmony is a statement piece, as well as a high-end TV.

The BeoVision Harmony should be available to purchase from October.

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