Leema Acoustics is launching three new products at The Indulgence Show, a high-end audio show set to take place at the Novotel London West on October 14-16. Headlining the new products will be the Sirius Hi-Fi-grade music server.

Handmade in Wales, the trio also includes a production-ready version of the new Quasar streaming amp/DAC, plus the new Tucana II Anniversary Edition amplifier.

Sirius Hi-Fi-grade music server

The new Sirius is a Hi-Fi-grade streaming music server system that provides a high-performance solution for the storage and playback of digital music. Developed in partnership with Innuos, Leema’s ex-BBC engineers have combined audiophile performance with the convenience of a UPNP/DNLA-compatible music server.

Sirius is the latest edition to Leema’s flagship Constellation range. It features a raft of audiophile-grade components centred on a powerful server-grade main circuit board with a high-speed quad-core processor with up to eight gigabytes of system memory.

The app-controlled server is available with huge storage reserves in two gigabyte increments up to eight terabytes. Sirius incorporates a high-performance TEAC optical drive for the one-time bit-perfect transfer of CD data to the hard drive.

Its has been designed to make digitising large music libraries simple. Sirius offers backup for CD audio, right up to lossless FLAC files and supports WAV, AIFF, ALAC, OGG Vorbis, AAC and MP3; USB 3.0 is available for audio backups.


A key feature of the Sirius is its high-quality DAC. The server benefits from an integrated asynchronous USB DAC based on a high-end ESS Sabre DAC chip and Xmos USB interface. The DAC supports 16, 24 and 32 bit-depths, from 44.1kHz up to 384kHz with DSD 64, 128 and 256 also supported. For consumers already invested in a high-end DAC, the Sirius’ ultra-low-noise USB output offers Class 1, Class 2 and DoP external connections. Balanced outputs via XLR and unbalanced outputs via RCA are also offered.

Sirius benefits from a dual-Ethernet connection: one for routers and one for dedicated streamer connections. The device is compatible with a wide range of playback systems including: Sonos multi room; Naim Mu-so/Uniti; Denon HEOS; Squeezebox; Linn DS; Pioneer N-50A; Cambridge Audio CXN and Denon 720AE.

Further features include editable metadata and album art, support for Tidal, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and internet radio, plus simple importation from computers, USB and NAS drives. There’s also a three-way linear power with a dedicated supply for the DAC.

The Sirius will be available in Nov/Dec priced at £3,955.

Quasar Streaming Amp

Quasar Streaming Amp/DAC

Quasar streaming amp/DAC

Now production-ready, the £2,995 Quasar is a full DLNA/UPNP streaming integrated with 24-bit/192kHz DAC and app control. Support for vTuner internet radio, Deezer, Spotify Connect and Tidal. Quasar’s dual-mono output section provides around 200W RMS per channel and its Quattro-infinity DAC topology (as seen in the flagship Libra DAC) enables faithful conversion. Three co-axial and three optical inputs, Leema’s M1 asynchronous USB interface, plus Bluetooth.

Tucana II Anniversary Edition integrated

Leema’s amp is set to get a comprehensive update for 2016 from Leema’s Lee Taylor. This £4,995 amp features an upgraded printed circuit boards with twice the amount of copper, caps upgraded to Nichicon’s high-quality audio-grade MUSE Series and PCB-to-speaker-terminal wiring using Leema’s new Reference 2 cable. All transistors are hand-selected and precision-matched and the power amplifier transformers are Noratel ‘xtra quiet’ units.

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