AudioControl is just the latest brand to upgrade its products with DTS:X, the digital surround sound format launched by DTS, Inc. to compete with Dolby Atmos. The company’s flagship theatre processor, the Maestro M9, will receive the 3D surround sound format in addition to the Concert AVR-7 and AVR-9.

Despite having begun shipping in March 2016, AudioControl is ensuring that customers that purchased either the AVR-7 or AVR-9 have yet more options when it comes to 3D surround sound formats. Both AVRs already support Dolby Atmos, but with the addition of DTS:X, all they’re missing now is Auro-3D.

DTS:X will be the major new addition to AudioControl’s line-up of AVRs and the Maestro M9 theatre processor, but it’s not the only surround sound format included in the update. In fact, for those without a need for 3D surround, the addition of DTS’ Neural Surround will be the bigger news.

DTS Neural Surround up-converts conventional stereo sources such as streaming content, TV broadcasts, gaming soundtracks and others into captivating 5.1 or 7.1 surround, as well as a 7.1.4 immersive format.

The Concert AVR-7, AVR-9 and Maestro M9 theatre processor will all begin receiving the DTS:X and DTS Neural Surround features as part of a software update, which is available now. In addition to the new update, all models now come in an Espresso Black brushed aluminium finish.

AudioControl’s distributor in the UK for home theatre products is Pulse Cinemas.

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