HTC has become the first Android maker to natively incorporate Apple’s AirPlay technology into its flagship phone, the HTC 10.

AirPlay is a main-stay feature of all Apple devices from the iPhone to Apple TV, but its availability on Android has never been official. While users could get the functionality through third party Apps, HTC is not content with that solution, opting to bake the functionality into its HTC 10 phone.

With AirPlay functionality now available on the HTC 10, users will be able to stream audio content directly from their smartphones to the numerous Airplay speakers they may have installed. Unfortunately, it does not currently work with video content however, meaning users will need something like Google’s Chromecast instead.

HTC says that it will be keeping its AirPlay specification up to date, ensuring that when Apple makes changes to it, HTC will follow suit.

So why did HTC opt for AirPlay support when it could already stream audio content over Bluetooth? Well, AirPlay is capable of streaming uncompressed content that is of far higher quality than what is available through Bluetooth streaming.

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