SpeakerCraft says the totally redesigned AIM Series 2 uses new technologies to give the speaker line improved fidelity, audio direction and sound isolation.

The next generation Waveplane acts an acoustic lens to focus the audio energy, taking it from the back of the speaker and pushing it out for a richer sound.

Acoustic Isolation Technology is designed to decouple the speaker housing from the surrounding materials, offering improvements to the ambient sound by reducing the structural resonance/reverb created by the surrounding wall or ceiling.

However, SpeakerCraft states that the most visible design change is the new ARC Tweeter Array, an arrangement of multiple tweeters to deliver high frequencies further into the listening area.

The AIM Series 2 also boasts improved pivoting design to better direct sound to suit the requirements of multiple projects.

Every design element of the new series has also been refined for heightened aesthetics.

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