THX Ltd has partnered with Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) to create premium home theatre training courses; all three THX-HAA Home Theatre Training courses will be offered at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, Texas in September.

The THX-HAA Home Theatre Training programme is comprised of three certification levels totalling six days of training: Home Theatre Advisor (one-day course), Home Theatre Integrator (two-day course), and Home Theatre Advanced Integrator (three-day course).

Students who attend each course and pass the exit exam will receive THX and HAA Certification and will be listed on websites of both companies.

The comprehensive program is designed to help custom integrators achieve the best possible home theatre experience in any environment, from multi-purpose family rooms to dedicated home theatres.

“There is no requirement for professional credentials, experience or certifications for the classes,’ says Gerry Lemay director, Home Acoustics Alliance.

“We do require students to complete each of the classes: HT1, HT2, and HT3, in order as prerequisites for the higher classes. It’s preferred that the prerequisite have been taken within one year to make sure the information and procedures are current. We have changed many things over the years as new technology and ideas come to the fore.

“HAA and CEDIA have a cooperative relationship,” he adds. “We partner with them on various classes and offer CEDIA CEUs for successful certifications. In addition, I am a CEDIA volunteer and SME and have worked on numerous projects with them over the years.”

Gerry states that the training has been well received. “I like to point out that we haven’t had an unsatisfied student,” he says. “That’s the truth by the way! The class can be a bit overwhelming for less experienced students but we work hard to properly introduce new technical terms and any highly technical material is generally covered three and four times in different contexts to generate a real understanding.

“We try to move around the venues from time to time but some locations have the right kind of local support to assist us,” he concludes. “We are always looking at new opportunities and in fact are discussing a class to be held in South Africa next year.”

Course Dates:

Dallas, Texas, USA:

Home Theatre Advisor Certification Seminar: September 13, 2016

Home Theatre Integrator Certification Workshop: September 18-19, 2016

Home Theatre Advanced Integrator Certification: September 20-21, 2016

Melbourne, Australia:

Home Theatre Advisor Certification Seminar: October 15, 2016

Home Theatre Integrator Certification Workshop: October 16-17, 2016

Home Theatre Advanced Integrator Certification: October 18-19, 2016

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To support the Home Theatre and Video Calibration training programmes, THX is launching an all-new Professional’s Portal hosted on where students can access course materials, exams and certified professional resources.

The portal will be available only to those students who take THX home theatre or video calibration training courses.

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