Five Reasons To Exhibit At EI Live! 2024

Attending trade shows like EI Live! 2024 presents a wide range of important opportunities for businesses to thrive. From networking with colleagues, to showcasing products to a targeted audience, these events provide huge benefits that are hard to come by in any other space or activity.

Check out just five reasons to exhibit at this year’s EI Live! held at its home of the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre (September 18-19).

Trade shows like EI Live! offer unparalleled opportunities to network with both existing and prospective clients. Face-to-face interactions are crucial as they humanise your company and make interactions more personable, trustworthy and memorable to customers old and new. Visitors to EI Live! are genuinely interested in the products and services you offer to expand their businesses and if research is carried out beforehand, you can even target specific customers to convert into leads.

Presence at trade shows isn’t just about prospective customers, but also about other industry professionals, including competitors. Speaking to fellow exhibitors is a great way to expand a supply chain or find new business strategies. You may also connect with guest speakers and industry experts to gain insights and share ideas. EI Live! has been the crucible for many new business relationships, distribution deals and industry innovation over the years.

Trade shows are an excellent place to establish a business for the first time or gain expanded exposure. You have the freedom to design your exhibition stand to be unique and memorable and your presence can help raise brand awareness of you and your products. EI Live! has seen show exclusives, launches and new deal announcements well into triple figures.

No matter how experienced you are in your industry, there will always be new things to learn. EI Live! is a great place to stay on top of industry research and developments. Listening to expert speakers can provide insights and new information that you may have otherwise missed. Connect with these experts one-to-one to get advice for your own company.

Meet your competitors and see how they operate. Trade shows are often where businesses launch new products to see how visitors react and adjust business strategy accordingly. Exhibitors can also gain insights into competitor’s seasonal sales or promotional offers, unique selling points and strategies. Apply the tactics that work for your own business.

EI Live! is ultimately a place to generate leads and sell your products. Showcase your latest products and create an eye-catching display. A modular stand can integrate fantastic, customised features and is reusable. Interactive pieces can also help draw and keep guests at your stand for longer more meaningful interactions.

Trade shows like EI Live! are an essential part of proving your credentials as a business. Meet people in person and show them your products, track record and history. Strong websites and social media can help, but nothing beats the power of confident face-to-face interactions.

For more information about exhibiting at EI Live! 2024, get in touch with the sales team.

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