Those who pooh-pooh the 4K UHD format didn’t see these compelling use cases at CES 2014 and ISE 2014.

4K Ultra HD was chided in 2012 and 2013, when the format was rolled out to consumers. That’s probably because the format was rolled out to consumers when the most compelling uses for the product are on the commercial side.

At CES and ISE, we saw entire ecosystems being built around the ultra high-resolution format, with most of the big CE companies showing 4K-capable cameras for home and professional use.

Tablets, phones, laptops and of course big screens are all sporting the extra pixels.

I think we all knew 4K would arrive, it was just a matter of when and how much.

The bigger question is curved screens, which also appeared in several booths at the two shows.

Are they just gimmicks or a practical addition to the big-screen (or small screen in the case of the LG Flex) universe?

I’m voting gimmick for the home, but awesome for the commercial space, especially digital signage.

In the slideshow below, check out these awesome applications for 4K UHD and curved screens.

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