Meridian Audio has announced details of its upcoming training webinars, with the first one scheduled for February 27. The Meridian webinars are designed to give integrators the full range of skills and knowledge they need to integrate high resolution audio within the home without having to leave the comfort of their workplace or home.

Meridian’s webinar programme — which was Highly Commended in the Best Training category at the EMEA CEDIA Awards 2018 — are bitesize sessions that are designed to educate integrators from across the globe. They are available online and run four times a day to satisfy different time zones and work schedules.  

While Meridian admits that it’s nice for integrators to head out to full day face-to-face training, it is hard for them to find the time, and for big companies, how do they decide who gets trained and who doesn’t. That’s why it offers bite-sized, 30-minute webinars that allow integrators to get essential knowledge without taking too much time out of their day; although Meridian admits that its webinars aren’t a complete replacement for full-day training.

The webinars explore a range of topics, from Meridian-specific products to the latest technologies and techniques that underpin the industry. Meridian’s Education Manager, Hugo Fitzjohn, discusses relevant industry topics and product-specific challenges that are facing integrators. These webinars are tailored to the information that integrators actually need to know rather than going into too much detail and hoping that one size fits all. The sessions conclude with a live chat room for Q&As.

There is a lot to do with the audio market that isn’t covered in great detail in training courses, such as digital sampling, but Meridian says that this is essential information that integrators need to know to deliver high res audio systems.

The next three webinars are as follows:

  • DSP Loudspeakers – The Inside Story – February 27
  • DSP In-wall and In-ceiling Speakers  March 27
  • 200 Series – Sources and Zone Controllers  April 24

Registration is now open for the first session. Top of Form

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