IMAX Enhanced hasn’t been available to demo at many trade shows around the world, with it exclusively reserved for the likes of CES 2019, which took place earlier this year. In terms of European trade shows, IMAX Enhanced hasn’t been available to demo at any of them thus far, although that is set to change. AWE has confirmed that at EI Live! 2019 it will be offering demonstrations of IMAX Enhanced technology to show visitors, with many of the distributor’s partners already supporting the format.

This isn’t the first time IMAX Enhanced has been available to view in the UK, as it debuted at AWE’s Smart Home Expo back in October, although this is the first opportunity to see it at an EU exhibition. For those not keeping up, IMAX Enhanced is a partnership between DTS and IMAX to ensure that consumers are getting the most out of their home entertainment. That means both hardware and content go through a certification and optimisation process, ensuring that they’re delivering the purest audio and video possible.

At EI Live! 2019, visitors will be able to find the exclusive IMAX Enhanced demo at the AWE Village, with the demo itself running on hardware from Sony, Denon and Marantz – all of which support the technology in products available to purchase today. Definitive Technology loudspeakers and subwoofers will also be featured to ensure the experience is of the highest possible standard.

“When we previewed IMAX Enhanced content and audio products at the AWE Expo in October last year, attendees were blown away by the experience,” comments Stuart Tickle, Managing Director of AWE.

“We received comments such as ‘Seeing the IMAX Enhanced demo, you realise that this is a lot more than just a name. It actually changes the way you watch films!’ The IMAX Enhanced home theatre at Essential Install Live! builds on the preview that visitors enjoyed at AWE Expo and will feature an IMAX Enhanced certified, native 4k laser projector from Sony. We look forward to welcoming integrators through the demonstration.”

“We are encouraged by the initial response to the IMAX Enhanced program in Europe and are excited for Essential Install Live! visitors to experience it in more detail at the AWE booth,” said Gabriel Cosgrave, Xperi general manager, Europe.

“Xperi is dedicated to enabling extraordinary experiences to consumers around the world, and IMAX Enhanced delivers just that, the best at-home entertainment experience possible with IMAX content and DTS audio technologies.”

Within the IMAX Enhanced home theatre, integrators will be able to see how the IMAX Enhanced program is based on four distinctive brand pillars – image, sound, scale, and content:


  • Crystal-clear, high-contrast images from some of the best displays on the market
  • 4K HDR for brighter, more detailed images


  • The signature IMAX sound mix, delivered to the home exclusively by DTS
  • Cinema-like audio with depth, deep bass, and dynamic range
  • IMAX point-source theatrical mix optimised by DTS


  • Support for the IMAX expanded aspect ratio (when available) which leverages more of the display to fill more of the consumer’s field of view


  • IMAX films meticulously mastered for delivery to IMAX Enhanced devices as the filmmaker intended
  • Signature IMAX multi-channel audio mix by DTS with video delivered to IMAX Enhanced devices in 4K HDR
  • Unique and exclusive IMAX titles, as the filmmaker intended them to be seen

Unique and exclusive IMAX titles, as the filmmaker intended them to be seen

Representatives from AWE, DTS, and the brands that offer IMAX Enhanced products will be available to answer any questions integrators have over the duration of the two-day event. To register for the event, visit

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