CEDIA 2016 will see Alcons Audio collaborate with Barco Residential, Dreamscreen and Trinnov to provide attendees with the ‘Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience,’ which will take place in High Performance Room 4, Arts District at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, September 15-17.

The audio system, co-designed by residential integrator Cineramax, will be set-up as a 9.1.8 channel immersive surround configuration, comprising three Alcons Cinema Series CR3 Screen System three-way, pro-ribbon systems as L-C-R screen channels, plus 14 CRMS pro-ribbon surround systems for the top, side, rear and overhead surrounds.

Two slim 21” CB211 subwoofers will be used as LF extensions. The system will be driven by 24 channels of Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers, with ‘lossless’ digital feed of an AES3 96kHz signal by a Trinnov Altitude 32 processor.

This also connects the media player with a Barco Athena DCI projector with up to 4,500 lumens output, projecting on DreamScreen/ScreenAcoustics Ultra-HD acoustically-transparent screen fabric.

“Following the success in the cinema market, Alcons brings its professional sound systems to the residential market,” says Alcons co-founder Tom Back. “The same designs are used in top studio screening rooms (Walt Disney, Lucasfilm, NBC Universal, Deluxe Digital, Eikon, Factory, Google/YouTube) and in premium commercial cinemas (VUE cinemas, CinemaxX Mannheim and Pathé a.o.).

“Also, the exact same sound technology is used in the Alcons LR28 largest format concert sound system (as used by Toto, Van Morrison, Elton John, etc).

“That makes Alcons absolutely unique,” he asserts. “Its multiple-patented transducer technology features both undistorted, crystal-clear HiFi response, as well as being able to deliver a power-output suitable for even the largest concerts. This combination was typically a contradiction (being not available or possible), but now no longer due to the groundbreaking pro-ribbon mid/high frequency transducers.

“With the growing requirements of increased dynamics due to digitalisation of cinema and HD audio, a traditional transducer cannot handle this. This is the reason why more residential sound system developers take compression drivers for higher outputs. But these mid/high transducers generate an astounding amount of distortion, (which is the reason why people connect loud music with their ears hurting!) But not the pro-ribbon systems: these deliver HiFi at concert sound pressure levels with up to 90% less distortion. The company’s R&D team has a 30-year background in this technology and numerous global patents in this field.”

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