Distributed by Meridian (DbM) worked with its partners at ISE 2020 to demonstrate the latest innovations in home cinema and media room technology. 

Most recent DbM partner and French manufacturer, Waterfall Audio, showcased a range of cutting-edge glass and aluminum speakers on its booth. Waterfall Audio, which became a DbM partner earlier this year, operates a niche segment of the market with its innovative glass-made speakers, designing unique products exclusively for the luxury audio visual market. 

Long standing DbM partner, Barco Residential, presented a range of premium quality projectors at the show. The Bragi Cinemascope was pride of place in the Reference Theatre, attracting a steady flow of visitors through the room, who experienced a set up that included two other DbM brands, DT Screens and Meridian Audio’s multi-award winning Meridian DSP750 In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeakers.

Meridian also featured in the architectural integration zone in the Barco room, with two DSP640.2 loudspeakers, a 210 Streamer and a 218 Zone Controller in the reception room. The Living Room highlighted Meridian’s power with two Meridian DSP5200SE loudspeakers in matte black, which together delivered supreme sound and astonishing performance.

Finally, DbM partner, Display Technologies (DT) partnered with Barco to showcase its on-wall projector screen, Contempo. This had a major presence, demonstrating its simple install mounting system, front loading image surfaces, and custom colour options. In collaboration with an art mask design by DZYN, this screen was a centerpiece of the exhibit at ISE 2020, demonstrating the versatility of the product.

DbM staff were present throughout the show to explain the complimentary Design and Specification Service (D&SS), which integrates solutions from all DbM partners. The service assists dealers in planning their project schemes as efficiently and accurately as possible, creating the ultimate home cinema and multi-room experience.

To experience the range of solutions from DbM partners, integrators can visit DbM Live on 26th March at the Meridian HQ in Cambridgeshire.

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