Darbeevision has joined the Ultra HD Forum, a global organisation defining industry best practices for the introduction of technology that will facilitate the ultra-high-definition viewing experience.

Ultra HD Forum founding members include Comcast, Dolby, Ericsson, Harmonic, LG, Neulion and Sony, while subsequent joiners have included everyone from DTS to Technicolor, Sky and now DarbeeVision.

According to the Ultra HD Forum, its goal is to advocate an industry consensus around common technical standards, recognising that some types of content or delivery may impose certain technical constraints.

By joining the Ultra HD Forum, DarbeeVision hopes to promote its own technology against its competitors claiming that its DVP technology takes even the best-looking 4K/UHD pictures or videos and brings them to new and profound levels of depth, clarity and realism

“We fully support 4K and any other technology that enhances the quality of video. Although 4K pictures are stunning, they are still flat. Our DVP processing technology works even better given the extra native information in 4K content, so the visual impact of our processing on 4K is even more impressive than for SD and HD formats,” says Larry Pace, president of DarbeeVision, Inc.

“Our DVP 4K processing technology has yielded very exciting results and we look forward to releasing our next-gen solutions very soon. Joining the Ultra HD Forum allows us to participate in the conversations that shape how the industry moves together to create the best UHD experience possible.”

DVP is an approach that DarbeeVision says goes beyond the constraints of fidelity factors to make any image or video look better than what the most perfect cameras and displays can achieve.

“Working at the pixel level, DVP embeds 3D depth cues in real time with virtually no lag to give the brain the perception that what it’s seeing is real. It breathes qualities of depth and realism into flat images without touching colour, contrast, sharpening, or resolution. DVP works in unison with high dynamic range (HDR), upscaling and all other video processing and display methods to bring the very best, natural-looking picture quality to consumers.”

To get DarbeeVision’s Visual Presence technology, the company currently offers the DVP-5000S as a standalone video processor. In addition, DVP IP can be found in some video display devices, including the Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray player and Optoma HD28DSE DLP full HD projector.

With its membership of the Ultra HD Forum however, DarbeeVision believes it will be able to push its technology to even more manufacturers.

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