Most recently showcased at ISE and soon to be seen at EI Live! up-dates to the D-Tools System Integrator system delivers workflow management and notifications capabilities for improved operational efficiency.

Specifically designed to fulfill the diverse needs of systems design and installation firms, SI 2018 ties project workflow into a singular, data-driven, connected process designed to improve operational efficiency for increased profitability.

The latest release offers valuable productivity and pricing enhancements including Workflow Rules, Calculated Items, and more, to help commercial AV and security companies worldwide streamline business processes.

SI 2018 R2’s new Workflow rules help business managers maintain control over company standards and processes.

Workflows can be set up to trigger an action and/or send a notification based on user-set criteria for the following SI entities: Projects, Purchase Orders, Tasks, and Service Orders.

Entities and/or their reports can be locked when a rule is triggered, requiring a user with permissions to unlock them before edits can be made. Notifications can be sent to SI users in-app, as well as emailed, to inform team members of project and sales activities such as when a project’s margin falls below limit, when a project is approved or when revisions have been made, to ensure everyone assigned to the project has the information they need to adapt as the parameters of a project change.

Calculated product costs and labour can now easily be calculated derived from formulas based on a variety of fields within SI. With the unit cost and unit price of product and labour items, SI can automatically calculate overall project items such as shipping, per diems, allowances and more.

Check it all out at EI Live! 2019

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