Control4 Adds KNX, HRA and Enhances BakPak Remote Management

Control4 is having a busy CEDIA show as expected and most significant is the confirmation of its expected tie up with KNX.  Availability immediately is a new Control4 KNX solution, including KNX support within the Control4 OS and a new KNX product line to enable installers partner KNX across Australia, China, Germany, Singapore, and of course the UK.

Control4 says KNX has become a popular standard for lighting and HVAC control in markets around the world and this release embraces and integrates KNX into the Control4 ecosystem. The initiative is delivering over 100 new products, including lighting, HVAC, blinds and rollers, keypads, frames, and bus management products.

The new Control4 KNX Network driver, supported in the latest Control4 OS release, natively connects to existing KNX devices within the home without requiring third-party integration. This new support for KNX enables interoperability with the entire Control4 ecosystem, including support for Amazon Alexa voice control, where available, and over 12,000 other connected products.

The company says for homeowners, the new Control4 KNX solution provides the full breadth of the Control4 experience, including intuitive ways to control and interact with a home through a mobile app, touch screens, handheld remote, and voice control. Additionally, homeowners now have the ability to directly fine-tune their smart home automation using When >> Then choices, a feature which stand-alone KNX does not support.

“By offering and deeply integrating KNX products with Control4, we are introducing many more customers to the power of Control4 audio/video entertainment, smart lighting, comfort and peace of mind, along with flexible personalization via When>>Then,” says Martin Plaehn, Control4 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “In markets such as Germany and China, we also expect our combined solution of Control4 and KNX will attract traditional KNX dealers who wish to expand their offerings with Control4 smart home solutions, such as one-room family entertainment, multi-room audio and video, smart lighting, climate control and peace of mind experiences.” 

For dealers, the KNX line is installed and programed using existing ETS tools, and also includes an automatic import into a Control4 project. This integration makes it simple to tie programming—such as streaming audio—to a KNX keypad button-press or add Amazon Alexa voice control to lighting scenes.

Aim high

The latest Control4 OS, version 2.10.4, is also being highlighted which expands music streaming and hands-on personalisation choices for homeowners with new native streaming services and When >> Thenfeatures.

Also new, the addition of Amazon Music and Deezer HiFi to Control4’s music streaming integrations. Additionally, with the new Add Music capability, Control4 owners can add one or more music services directly from a mobile device or Control4 Touch Screen.

“Control4 continues to deliver incredible sounding music for every room in the house,” adds Martin.“Starting with the Control4 EA-line of controllers, Triad high-resolution multi-room audio products, Triad custom loudspeakers, and by working with industry-leading streaming music services, we’re providing fantastic music listening experiences to our customers and we’re equipping our Dealers with high-resolution music capabilities for every living space in the home, from the source to the listener’s ear.”

As theneeds, schedules, and interests of Control4 smart homeowners evolve over time, the maker has also wanted to allow users to be able to make changes to the automation in the home. Control4 When >> Then capability delivers hands-on personalisation, allowing homeowners to adjust certain functionality independently, without the involvement of a dealer. This includes the ability to create and edit voice scenes for Amazon Alexa, create custom buttons and programming for Control4’s new Intercom Anywhere, and modify schedules for lighting scenes. Additionally, dealers can now unlock their programming added through Control4 Composer Pro software, enabling homeowners to modify and add to pre-existing programming through When >> Then.

“Homeowners depend on the expertise of our Dealers to design and install reliable, experientially-rich smart homes, but homeowners also want the flexibility to personalize and change scenes and automated events on their own,” argues Martin. “We’re empowering homeowners to fine-tune their Control4 experience in ways that matter most to them—how they listen to their favorite music, design lighting scenes, initiate voice control, and secure their homes.”

Back to BakPak

Another announcement at the show is that BakPak remote management capability is now available for all Pakedge WK and WX access points, as well as PowerPak PDUs (power distribution units). Dealers can now reboot devices, update firmware, or change Wi-Fi passwords from anywhere, without additional hardware or licensing fees.   

Available via a firmware update, this BakPak release makes remote management a standard capability for all Pakedge access points and PowerPak PDUs, unlocking the benefits of BakPak for a wider range of customer home networks. Even the simplest systems, with a singular Pakedge access point or PowerPak PDU, can be remotely accessed, configured, and managed from a mobile device or web browser. An updated mobile BakPak app provides on-the-go management right from an iOS or Android device, and a new web-based user experience freshens up the interface with a more intuitive menu and navigation layout. 

Martin says, “By including BakPak in a broader range of popular Pakedge devices, we enable dealers to provide proactive customer support and network management – for systems of any size, from anywhere. The more homes a dealer manages via Pakedge networking with BakPak, the greater customer satisfaction and business efficiency can be delivered. By removing extra hardware and software expense, every dealer can offer and provide BakPak service to every customer.”

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