The Rako driver by Chowmain for ELAN provides two-way control and feedback over devices.

This driver is designed so that integration of Rako into ELAN is quick and seamless. As the Rako Hub is automatically discovered no static IP addresses are required. Keypads and channels are imported automatically as well and as such ELAN integrators can speed through installations with focus on delivery of user customization rather than configuration of the driver.

The driver comes with the following features:

  • Automatic discovery of Rako Hubs
  • DHCP support. If the IP address changes it will automatically discover the IP address.

Automatic imports of;

  • Keypads – Rako room address, type and scenes are imported as a keypad. There are multiple pre-defined layouts based on the room type and mode.
  • Dimmable channels.
  • Switch channels.
  • RGB/W lighting.
  • Colour temperature lighting.

Control and feedback for;

  • Scenes (this is useful for event maps so Rako keypads can execute ELAN programming).
  • Channels.
  • RGB lighting.
  • Color temperature lighting.
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