CEDIA has unveiled its re-imagined and expanded 2024 CEDIA Tech + Business Summits (formerly CEDIA Tech Summits) programme for the UK smart home technology industry. The new name and theme, ‘CEDIA Tech + Business Summits: The Tech You Need, The Business You Want’ encompasses the dual focus of these events in supporting members’ success, says the organisation.

With a carefully curated schedule, the summits offer a blend of training from technology and business leaders, including financial consultant and CEDIA Fellow, Leslie Shiner of The ShinerGroup and Hazel Napier, Operations Director at legal and contract services specialist, BEB Consultancy. Plus, each summit features networking opportunities for business owners, system designers, project managers, technicians and newcomers alike. The UK programme is extended to include Bristol as a summit destination for the first time, alongside London, Edinburgh and Leeds.  

Key features include: 

Enhanced education: Designed with all job roles in mind, CEDIA’s sessions cover a spectrum of technology and business topics to provide attendees with tools for immediate action. This comprehensive learning experience spans throughout the day and is intended for entire teams to sharpen their skills and remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving smart home landscape.  

 Networking opportunities: The Tech + Business Summits provide a one-of-a-kind experience for forging a variety of connections in a local setting. Every location welcomes business owners, skilled technicians, and career-hungry students eager to engage.  

Product discovery: Attendees can indulge in the latest technology trends and connect with key decision-makers from top brands, gaining invaluable insights and fostering meaningful partnerships. New exhibitors confirmed for the UK programme include D-Tools, Henley Designs, PMC, Sony, Super Rod and UR-EKA Lighting & Controls. 

The 2024 CEDIA Tech + Business Summits UK schedule is as follows: 

  • March 20 – Bristol, UK   
  • April 18 – London, UK  
  • May 22 – Edinburgh, UK  
  • June 19 – Leeds, UK  

The schedule for the US and the rest of the world is as follows: 

  • March 19 – Orange County, CA  
  • March 21 – Los Angeles, CA  
  • April 16-17 – Chicago, IL  
  • May 14 – Atlanta, GA  
  • May 16 – Charlotte, NC  
  • June 26 – Vancouver, BC  
  • End of July – Bangalore, India  
  • September 25 – Toronto, ON  
  • October 8 – Fort Lauderdale, FL   
  • October 10 – Tampa, FL  
  • October 22-24 – New Castle, Australia  
  • November 12 – Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  
  • November 14 – Long Island, NY  
  • December 3 – Dallas, TX  
  • December 5 – Houston, TX  

“The CEDIA Tech + Business Summits are about fostering meaningful connections, driving business growth, and empowering professionals at every stage of their careers,” says CEDIA Global President and CEO, Daryl Friedman. 

“As our members’ needs evolve, CEDIA is committed to ensuring our events remain beneficial and accessible to everyone.” 

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