CEDIA is hoping to continue its growth momentum through the use of volunteers – with the organisation reaching out to the community asking for more.

Currently there are over 100 members volunteering their time to help CEDIA grow; all of which dedicate their time and expertise to raise awareness of the industry.

CEDIA says that its volunteers will have the opportunity to meet, collaborate and work with fellow volunteers and industry experts, enabling them to expand their knowledge about home technology and be at the front-line of the constantly changing industry.

As well as working with the industry’s best and brightest talent, CEDIA volunteers get the opportunity to support CEDIA at exhibitions, either on the show stand or presenting education and CPD sessions.

There are a number of different ways volunteers can support the industry, which can develop existing personal skills or unearth new ones.

CEDIA has three core volunteering types: Shapers, Creators and Educators.

Shapers are known as those who help all levels volunteer of activities and become involved in CEDIA’s Committees and Advisory Groups.  CEDIA currently has five committees, focusing on membership, education, standards, industry relations and marketing.

Creators are volunteers who dedicate time to writing and reviewing professional papers and serve as subject matter experts, bloggers and content writers.

Finally, Educators help mentor, provide advice and disseminate knowledge as facilitators, instructors, or presenters.

As part of the programme, volunteers are given complete control over the amount of time they dedicate to the organisation. This can start from less than a day (known as a ‘quick task’), one day or more (a short task), or a yearlong commitment.
“Volunteers are an integral part of the CEDIA team and play a big role in shaping the future of the association,” comments Matt Nimmons, operations director of CEDIA EMEA.

“Members who get involved with the volunteering programme are offered the great opportunity to put their stamp on new initiatives, develop resources, implement standards and present training courses. We fully encourage all CEDIA members to volunteering and experience the opportunities available to them.”

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