Launched in March this year, CEDIA’s Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) School is an education pathway that is targeted at newly hired employees and technicians who have a desire to begin their journey to professional certification. The course has been running as a highly dynamic hybrid learning experience that combines both online and on-site elements.

The hybrid course covers the basics of electricity, jobsite safety, project documentation, tools, cable, and cable properties, as well as the pre-wire and first fix phases of projects. Students learn how to safely and effectively follow direction to install, terminate, and verify cabling in both new construction and retrofit environments.

Featuring five self-paced modules, the online portion of this course’s content focusses on providing the foundational knowledge required to begin working as a technician, installing cabling and infrastructure to support integrated communications and entertainment systems in the home.

The in-person sessions expand upon the vast technical knowledge from the CEDIA Academy. This 3-day course involves hands-on activities that are designed to give you a feel for those on-the-job tasks. The final portion of the CIT hybrid school is completion of the CEDIA Cabling and Infrastructure Technician certification exam.

Tom Winters of Smart Spark Solutions recently completed the hybrid course in the UK and found the course invaluable in progressing his career.

“The online units were a great way of familiarising myself with the basics before attending the face-to-face classes. As you’d expect, I learnt more from the in-person training, but having the online units to complete first, gave me a great foundation of understanding, which allowed me to feel ready for the classes.

“Geoff Meads was incredibly knowledgeable on all topics covered in the course and was an enthusiastic trainer who brought a ton of energy to each day, making it a fun experience. Geoff managed the different levels of knowledge of each attendee really well. I was probably the least experienced on the course and appreciated that he still went over every topic in detail so that I gained the understanding that I required.

“In terms of attending a face-to-face session in the midst of the COVID pandemic, I felt that the social distancing and safety methods that CEDIA put in place were very well managed.

“Overall, the hybrid course has helped me elevate my knowledge and skills to a more professional level. I would encourage those who are not sure if it is for them to attend as it is well worth doing, particularly if you are looking to step up your expertise within the AV and home technology industry. I really enjoyed the course so much that I have now registered for the Integrated Systems Technician (IST) School to make the next step following on from my completion of the CIT course and exam.”

Next available sessions:

Date                                                   Location                                            Type

20th September 2021                     St Neots                                            Classroom          

4th October 2021                             St Neots and Online                        Hybrid  

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