Two new TruSound speaker cables for outdoor use have been launched. Stocked in 16/4 and 16/2 (4 core and 2 core 16AWG) configurations, this cable incorporates a water blocking tape to prevent water from travelling down the length of the cable and degrading its performance.

The tape is dry, fibrous and impregnated with a compound that, when in contact with moisture, swells to form a non-toxic jelly that seals gaps or interstices within the cable. This prevents the build-up of water droplets that could accumulate and change the electrical characteristics.

Easy to terminate with no messy jelly, the manufacturer states that TruSound weatherproof tape remains dry and almost paper-like in normal use. It also removes the need for talcum that is used in conventional cables to improve flexibility and ease stripping.

The TruSound external weatherproof speaker cable features a UV stable, black PE outer jacket – ideal for use in exposed applications. The cable is light and easy to handle.

Like all speaker cables in the TruSound range, the weatherproof version uses oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. This is a high purity copper that has been refined to minimise oxygen content and optimise performance.

The cables are stocked in 100m, 200m and 500m reels or cut-to-length, meaning the customer only has to order what they need.

FS Cables also offers 16AWG, 14AWG and 12AWG speaker cables in PVC or LSHF, parallel twin and multicore round speaker cables, as well as foil screen twisted pair audio cable.

For more information, pricing or samples, FS Cables recommends calling its sales team on 01727 840 841 or visiting

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