Wireless charging hasn’t really taken off in some of the ways manufacturers would have hoped, but LG’s latest wireless charger could finally make them worth installing.

Dubbed the Quick Wireless Charging Pad, LG’s latest wireless charger promises to charge a flat battery to 50% in just 30 minutes, while a full charge can be done in 90 minutes. While that still sounds rather excessive, that brings it on-par with some wired chargers that are currently on the market.

A typical wireless charger outputs at around 5W, but LG’s latest model triples that to 15W. Despite that increase in power output, the charger still complies with the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standards.

Wireless charging is most commonly found on smartphones and smart watches, but there are some manufacturers that hope that it will one day be the standard way of charging devices. Some analysts have also predicted that wireless power transfer will one day become the standard way of powering devices.

LG is planning a mid-October launch of its latest wireless charger, with it set to be made available in Europe, Australia and the US.

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