Hamilton Litestat has announced that it is to enter the domestic circuit protection market, after the company saw an opportunity to offer something unique when the IET wiring regulations were updated with new guidelines.

The company claims that some existing suppliers in the market are simply changing old enclosure designs from engineering plastic covers to steel covers in order to meet the new guidelines.

Hamilton wants to be different however, with the company undertaking extensive research to identify the core needs of the installers and users in relation to the regulations.

The results of the research was what made Hamilton decide to enter the market with a new unit designed to operate in readiness of the adoption of ‘smart’ control technologies within the home.

Hamilton has two models it is entering the market with, both are metal consumer units that comply with the new regulations, as well as incorporating features that the company says installers won’t find from competitors.

The new ‘Convex’ and curved ‘Contour’ consumer units are both designed so they don’t have to be hidden away, whilst still offering the necessary safety standards consumers will expect.

Gavin Williams, marketing manager at Hamilton says: “As a trusted and reliable supplier to the trade we saw the latest amendment to the building regulations as a fantastic opportunity for us to enter the domestic circuit protection market.

“By getting close to the issues facing both installers and end users has allowed us to fully understand the changing requirements of BS7671 Amendment 3, which in turn has enabled us to develop a range of exciting new products needed to comply with the new regulations.

“As a new entrant to the market we have had to make sure our offering would bring new ideas and innovative solutions so that we can keep one step ahead of the traditional players in this sector.”

So what is so special about Hamilton’s circuit protection products? Well, the company says that it has focused on three aspects: Design, ease of installation and safety.

The units are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, manufactured from steel with a curved option available and finished in a tough, scratch resistant matte white paint.

The units also have a large accessible wiring space with removable gland plates top and bottom, which Hamilton says helps making it easy to install, especially when taking into account that each plate is retained by two screws and there are knockouts at the rear.

Finally, each unit features fireproof gland protection adaptors that supposedly help improve fire containment, including a fail-safe drop down lid.

All of the units are compliant with the latest standards and come with a two year guarantee.

“As well as having the best looking range of consumer units available in the market we have also designed a totally unique installation feature with our products that no one else can offer and makes it the safest and easiest board to install,” adds Gavin.

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