D-Line cable accessory line up offers compliance with the publication of the 3rd amendment to the 17th Edition (BS7671:2015) of the wiring regulations governing installation practice in the UK. 

The new regs state in Chapter 52 say that: ‘Wiring systems in escape routes shall be supported in such a way that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of fire’. This becomes mandatory for all non-domestic installations from July 1, 2015.

There is also particular reference to failure of non-metallic trunking leading to cables hanging across access/egress routes hindering evacuation/fire-fighting activities.

The rules now specifically state this precludes the use of non-metallic clips, cable ties or trunking as the sole means of support.

Installers will now have to use non-combustible methods of cable containment and restraint for all cable types (including mains power/switching, data, telecoms, coaxial and TV) in any and all areas of a building that can be considered an escape route.

D-Line says its Safe-D 30 clip has been tested by Exova Warrington Fire, confirming compliance to the regulations resistance to fire with mechanical shock and resistance to fire with mechanical shock and water spray – both for 120 minutes.

The tests confirmed that Safe-D clips, when containing 2 x Enhanced Fire Performance 1.5mm 2 core cables and subjected to 930°C (+40 -0°C) for 120 minutes at a voltage of 500V rms, enable the cables to maintain circuit integrity.

Safe-D Clips are manufactured from high temperature steel with a gold passivated finish that can withstand mild corrosive elements – in ceiling voids for example.

Once fastened directly onto the building structure or fixed within plastic trunking, pliable tabs on the Safe-D clip can be easily folded to secure two cables.

The maker says fixing time is halved as one Safe-D clip fits 2 x cables compared to fixing one cable by each P-clip.

D-Line has also extended the range and size of the clips for use inside and outside of any proprietary non-metallic trunking up to 50 x 50mm in readiness for the new regulations coming into effect.

These Safe-D 40 and Safe-D 50 clips are certified to the same level as the original Safe-D 30.

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