Austrian Audio has announced the forthcoming availability of its latest model, the Full Score one, in the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Full Score one marks the brand’s debut in the world of headphone amplifiers. 

The Austrian Audio headphone amplifier is the ideal companion to its maker’s The Composer headphones, which came to market earlier this year. Designed for dedicated audiophiles, engineers and musicians, the manufacturer claims the Full Score one “redefines the standards of audio excellence at its price point”. 

Austrian Audio’s True Transient Technology is at the heart of the Full Score one, delivering transients with superb clarity and detail, says the manufacturer. Whether it’s the crisp snap of a kick drum or the delicate pluck of a guitar string, every nuance is faithfully reproduced with precision, ensuring a captivating listening experience. Full Score one is the first product to employ its maker’s True Transient Technology.

Meticulously engineered and manufactured in Austria and built to last, the Full Score one design features a fully discrete analogue amplifier design, free from integrated circuits in the signal path, reportedly ensuring pristine sound quality with minimal noise. With the ability to accommodate a wide range of headphone impedances, from 10 Ohms to over 300 Ohms, this amplifier caters to the diverse needs of audio enthusiasts and sound engineers alike.

The Full Score one’s innovative design features a wide band, fully symmetrical voltage feedback circuit coupled with a triple emitter follower output stage biassed in class B, a high-speed complementary push-pull gain stage, and a cascoded parallel differential input stage. This advanced configuration ensures exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at every output level and over a wide frequency range.

“Our technical approach to our first headphone amp was comparable to building a very low-noise power amplifier,” said Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl. “The Full Score one handles low-impedance headphones down to 10 Ohms and high-impedance, low-sensitivity headphones with over 300 Ohms.”

Customers can order the Full Score one in the European Union starting March 2024, and availability in the United Kingdom will commence in April 2024.

The Full Score one is priced at €1,499 (EURO) and £1,299 (GBP).

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