Win More Cinemas Projects With Sinemas VR

A virtual platform for home technology professionals, Sinemas VR showcases over 100 cinema and media rooms at different styles and price points to help in the sales process of converting interested parties to real cinema projects.

The system allows potential customers to see what their cinema room will look like before it is created giving installers the opportunity to remove objections, create desire and speed up the process.

Whilst building a real demonstration space is one very impactful option for installers, obviously this takes time and money.

The Sinemas VR service is designed to create a virtual demonstration space where if not the performance, but the look and feel of a cinema can be created to show clients.

The service delivers virtual images and content of attractive cinemas and media rooms so installers can confidently show customers exactly what their finished room will look like, without the expense of a real showroom.

So how does it work?

Companies can choose either monthly or annual subscriptions, once signed up, select up to ten room styles and the Oculus Go equipment to view the virtual cinemas is dispatched within two days. The company then provides a free orientation and user demonstration to get companies started.

Another issue the service looks to tackle is lack of ability of past projects to show what the work will look like. Even if a company has an impressive back catalogue, privacy restrictions can curtail what can be shown.

Sinemas VR says this is why it has created this virtual reality showcase, a constantly updating selection of the good looking and importantly, deliverable rooms.

The virtual showroom has been created by Simon Grattidge, owner of Sinemas. Simon is an industry veteran who, after running his own installation business for eight years, has focused on what he feels he does best, designing beautiful cinemas and media rooms.

The company argues it is the experience of running an integration business which gives him a unique understanding of the challenges of the cinema sales and delivery process. 

The first version of Sinemas VR was created to help sell the type of projects Simon wanted to win and this quickly bore fruit, helping close higher value projects in much shorter time frames. 

Since then the idea has developed into the concept that exists today.

The creators of the service tell EI that they have a detailed roadmap that includes new features and services that will be rolled out next year to keep the service at the cutting edge.  

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